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How Much do SNOWPLUS Vaping Pods Cost?

On SNOWPLUS official website (, all pre-filled vaping pods are sold at $16.99,  and orders over $70 enjoy free shipping.  That means the more you buy, the more you save! With the current promotion, if you buy 3 packs of pods, you get 1 pack free. Customers who order more than $100 will not only get free shipping, but also save $34 -- a third of the order price! So hurry up and get your pods before the promotion is over!

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Customer Reviews of SNOWPLUS Lite and Pro

Real vapers are super into these 2 new starter kits   We’ve heard what the celebrities said about how great SNOWPLUS Pro & Lite are. Now, let’s hear what the real users have to say. After Pro & Lite were launched last month, lots of consumers shared their feedback with us. Here’s what they think.   Daniel Morris, USA - SNOWPLUS PRO user     “As a global purchasing manager of a large vaping business, I’m extremely sensitive to new products and personally try every single one. Recently I heard this big brand in China, SNOWPLUS has just launched 2 new systems so I ordered a few and some cartridges. You know, flavors and tastes are the heart of vape pens....

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