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Coffee Starter Kit

Coffee Starter Kit

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1 Device + 1 Cappuccino Pod + 1 Ice Matcha Latte Pod + 1 USB Cable




$39.99 in total

Coffee Starter Kit


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This model is compatible with
both nicotine
and non-nicotine pods

  • rich, edgy


  • 0% nicotine

    smooth and creamy

  • 0% nicotine

    Refreshing AND Smooth

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our technology

High-Performance Ceramic Atomizer

Using advanced atomization technology, the TrueFeel honeycomb ceramic atomizer produces a fine vapor with smoother mouthfeel and stronger throat hit.

Extracted From Real Coffee

The Coffee Edition is a zero-nicotine innovation for you to have coffee on the go. The coffee pods allow you to indulge in your favorite coffee flavors and stay energized.

Experience the Smoothness

The fine crafted curved-edge body in zinc alloy frame provides a silky smooth touch, a slim and sleek design that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Leak-Proof Design

The pod is made of Easterman Tritan copolyster, a safe and BPA free material. Implemented with the 4th Generation double-seal design, the pod is perfectly sealed to prevent leakage.

Power that Lasts

The high-capacity battery ensures incredible battery life and easily power through the day. The battery can last for two to three days for an average user.

  • Battery Capacity:

    400 mAh

  • Full Charge needs:

    50 mins

  • Pulls on Full Charge:


Magnetic Design

The embedded magnetic design makes the device very easy to use. The fall-out prevention system pulls the pod in and keeps it securely in place.

our process

  • Our team of experienced analysts and chemists tested and examined the formulae repeatedly to ensure precision and perfection. Each SNOWPLUS e-liquid formulae is calculated and tested repeatedly to give the best vaping experience.

  • In SNOWPLUS, every pod is derived from prime quality ingredients and high-grade nicotine salts. We value innovation and created the SNOWPLUS only coffee editions which provide customers with real alluring feels.

  • We believe that every step matters. We take pride in what we create and we pay great attention in all details. Each SNOWPLUS pod is crafted with precision and undergone tedious leakage test to ensure quality and standards.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Device works well, coffee pod needs improvement

The device is great, streamlined and stylish and hits every time. The flavor on the coffee pod is great but I can’t really tell if I’m getting the caffeine, probably going to buy some of the regular salt nic pods and try those out.


Coffee Starter Kit

No real caffeine here, keep scrolling...

I bought this because I was excited at the prospect of having "inhalable" caffeine on the go. Naive, I know. This is just basically a coffee-flavor vape. Yes, it has a NOMINAL amount of caffeine (compared to a cup of coffee) but it's no different than any other propylene glycol / vegetable glycerin on the market. It's artificial, leaves that "popcorn lung" feeling with each inhale and is simply not what you're looking for. Don't buy this.

Needs more energy

Great product. I love it. It tastes great and smooth; but I wish it gave me more energy like a real coffee does.